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Project Managers Case Book – Acceptance Testing

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Aug 11, 2010
Category Call Recording Advice

Project delivery consists of a number of key stages each designed to ensure a smooth, cost effective and professional implementation.

Applied to a recording solution this criterion is equally relevant. One of the final stages within this programme cycle is that of acceptance testing. This testing forms the basis by which your solution will be measured and is the entry level for acceptance within your business. Consider this aspect prior to the onset of any implementation rather than leaving until the final phase.

The following guidelines may prove useful when considering the above:-
1. When specifying a new recording solution ensure you include a series of core tests to cover the most important recording requirements. This should include common call scenarios and include this in the design brief such that the supplier has visibility up front.

2. Ask to see the default acceptance test at the onset of the Project and include a reviewing period within the Project to adapt and modify this test to suit your particular requirements.

3. Remember the default Acceptance Test is by nature the default. It has been designed to cover the basic elements/build of a system. Pay special attention to any customised or non standard components, the Acceptance Testing will probably be weaker in these areas.

4. Generating an Acceptance Test from the ground up isn’t for the faint hearted and the Supplier has a duty to deliver against this. Better still, augment their acceptance testing with yours.

5. Ensure you check the Acceptance criterion. Determine what constitutes a ‘Pass’ and a ‘Fail’. Does this align with your pass/fail conditions?

6. Consult the users. Acceptance testing can at times favour the technical aspects of the solution and forget the most important aspect, the end user.

7. Most importantly, witness the Acceptance Testing and form an integral part of the process!