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Contact Centre Technology

An Instrumental Guide on Calibration

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Author Business Systems UK
Category Quality Monitoring

Clarity. Accountability. Performance. Quality monitoring makes it easier to gather all kinds of meaningful data from your calls. But that doesn’t mean automated systems should have the final say.

Quality monitoring software can wheedle out the calls that matter. But no system is able to provide the level of insight needed to accurately evaluate a call. That takes a human. For the most fair and meaningful insight, contact centres still count on the evaluation skills of team leaders and supervisors.

Yet big, big problems can arise when it comes to consistency. How do you know your supervisors are scoring calls correctly? Who’s evaluating the evaluators? Are subjective biases polluting your results?

Without a consistent approach your data can get skewed leading to wrong performance indicators and conclusions. Perhaps more importantly, agents can become incredibly demoralised. That’s where calibration comes in.

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