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engaging silent customers and improving CX with proactive conversational AI: image of swirling data.

Engaging Silent Customers and Improving CX with Proactive Engagement

Author Business Systems UK
Category Contact Centre Optimisation

Do you assume your quiet customers are ok?

Organisations often misinterpret customer silence as satisfaction, and in doing so accept the significant price of those assumptions. Quiet can mean disengaged, or unsatisfied, leading to churn, cancellations, and increased costs.

According to Gartner “By 2025, proactive engagement interactions will outnumber reactive customer engagement interactions.”  

In this on demand webinar, Hamish Cliff, Head of Client Success at Business Systems, Barry Webb, Business Systems’ Senior Digital Transformation Strategist and Mark Smith, Founder & CEO at ContactEngine explore how organisations can enhance their CX through the strategic implementation of Proactive Conversational AI. Provoking many more customers to engage than otherwise would have, to remove the assumption, reduce costs, increase revenue, and dramatically improve CX. Leading customers into the future of brand communications, where they don’t even need to ask.

Watch to learn:

  • The art of Proactive Engagement  
  • Introduction to Proactive Conversational AI
  • The State of Customer Experience
  • Cost Savings and ROI
  • Implementation Strategies

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