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Equity Insurance Group demonstrate service excellence with quality monitoring

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Feb 29, 2012
Category Quality Monitoring

Equity Insurance Group is a specialist motor insurer in the UK comprising Equity Insurance Partnerships (EIP), Equity Red Star and Equity Claims Limited. With key operating facilities in Colchester, Brentwood and Swansea, the group employs around 500 agents providing an end-to-end service dealing with insurance enquiries, sales, renewals, claims, fraud prevention and service recovery.

With the continued aim to improve service management and efficiency whilst maintaining compliance, Equity Insurance Group has invested in a new call recording and quality monitoring system. Working with call recording specialists, Business Systems, “NICE Perform Quality” was identified as the solution best suited to its business needs.
Mick Larkin, Head of Operations at EIP commented: “With NICE Perform Quality, we can use the management information to drive real-time changes and improvements…The real-time reporting focuses on individuals, teams and business areas; in the past this would typically take our quality advisor three to four days to produce, but now the information is just a few mouse clicks away.”

With call benchmarking revolutionised, affinity partners no longer need to physically sit alongside team managers and collectively rate calls; the process is now automated.
According to Mick: “The NICE system enables us to tie together all the calls relating to one customer…we can now appraise the full end to end process which means we can better understand the customer experience and if it met our standards. We now have the tools to help us refine the journey with further analysis, looking at the root causes’ of problems and understanding whether there are more systemic issues to be considered.”

Mick concludes: “This project was one of the most seamless I have experienced, with no slippage, all the critical timelines met and the team at Business Systems has been very responsive to our needs. The training provided was a real eye-opener, in terms of understanding the system’s capabilities and what it could deliver for us. We gained some best practice tips for forms design and reports creation that will deliver genuine business insight going forward.”

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