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NICE Back-Office WFM

Powerful WFM software including Workforce Management, Performance Management, Process Management and Quality Management solutions.

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NICE Back-Office Solution Overview

NICE Back office Suite features powerful WFM software including Workforce Management, Performance Management, Process Management and Quality Management, solutions specifically designed to meet the challenges of back office working environments.

Back-offices are crucial in helping to deliver a good customer experience. Highly flexible, the Back-Office WFM Suite delivers this capability by automating manual processes, improving forecast accuracy and managing resource capacity all whilst empowering workers to self-manage schedules and time off requests.

Remote Working

NICE Back Office Overview

  1. Accurate Multi-Channel Forecast, scheduling and planning
  2. Multi-Channel Support for blended front-office / back-office environments 
  3. Automates Routine Administrative Tasks, ensuring staff can focus on more important areas
  4. Improves Employee Satisfaction and productivity
  5. Robust Performance Management & reporting 
  6. Visibility into Scheduling Adherence & conformance
Contact Centre Technology

Why Choose Business Systems?

At Business Systems, our heritage in workforce optimisation and our large team of experts has positioned us as an independent solutions provider, helping our customers make the right decision for their Middle and Back-Office transformation:   

  1. We have solved complex challenges around Back-Office processes 
  2. We have a dedicated Back-Office in-house practice, made up of experts who specialise in Back-Office operational improvement  
  3. We’ve won awards with our Back-Office solutions 
  4. We have a rapid Back-Office deployment method (RDM), consisting of five steps over a period of 30 days, ensuring your operations can be transformed rapidly and efficiently 
  5. We have been solving workforce optimisation challenges for over 30 years  
  6. We work with customers on a global level in multiple sectors
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