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Contact Centre Technology

The dangers of ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ call recording

5 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 1, 2009
Category Call Recording Technology

The voice recording solutions of yesteryear (about 4 years ago when life was far less complex) would predominantly fall into the ‘used-in-anger’ category. That is, they would work quietly in the background until called upon to settle a dispute or provide validation on a specific point. This method of operation was common place and as a service provider it was easy for us to identify this trend due to the high ratio of support calls that were initiated in relation to ‘playback’ functions.

As technology has moved on, today’s recording solutions are now used very much as a business enabler providing important pro-active services. They have become valuable tools to monitor and evaluate a company’s performance in critical business areas…..or do they? Metaphorically, life in the rose garden may not be quite as cosy as you believe it to be, and you really should investigate.

The problem is that most recording solutions are selected against key criteria and commissioned accordingly. The challenge facing most companies is that over time their requirements have altered; their business will have adapted to meet changing markets or internal demands and never has this been more evident than in today’s current financial climate.
There is real danger that a recording solution commissioned for yesterday’s requirement does not adequately meet today’s needs and the company could have lost some of the protection and advantages from which it initially benefited; worse still, new business initiatives may be completely overlooked. To further compound issues, there is a tendency for legacy thinking to invade the recording arena. That being, the recording solution operates in a ‘set-it and forget-it’ mode once the initial commissioning project has been completed.

If your recording solution was commissioned over 12 months ago we suggest you do an audit, and ask yourself the following questions

  • Are you confident that you are maximising your recording solution investment?
  • Have you considered re-evaluating your requirements and mapping them against your current set-up?
  • Have you considered investing in a technology refresh which will provide enhancements, modifications and new services to your existing recording solution?

The evolution of your recording solution in the current climate isn’t really an option, it is a necessity and leveraging it needn’t be expensive. Embrace your recording solution and don’t fall into the ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ trap.
If you want to find out more how we can support your call recording technology, feel free to contact us: 0800 458 2988, [email protected].