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Mobile Call Recording - TeleWare Re:Call

Teleware Re:Call App

Enable employees to make and receive business calls, SMS, instant messaging and group chat, using their personal mobile phone, with recording functionality for compliance purposes with Teleware Re:Call App Mobile Call Recording. 

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Accredited Teleware Re:Call Supplier

At Business Systems, we work with Teleware to provide Teleware Re:Call, a mobile application that provides a second number on a business or personal phone for calls and SMS.

With Teleware Re:Call, employees are no longer required to keep two mobile phones and can use a device of their own choice.  With the use of this Mobile Call Recording technology, businesses can also reduce the number of handsets issued with added environmental benefits.

With our strong heritage in supplying Mobile Call Recording and Call Recording software to the financial sector including many Tier One Global Banks, Global Financial Brokers, Global Investment Advisors as well as Insurance companies, you will benefit from over 30 years’ worth of voice recording expertise.

Mobile Call Recording - TeleWare Re:Call

Why Businesses Use Teleware Re:Call 

  1. Environmentally Responsible – Reduces the number of handsets. 
  2. Provides a Work/life Balance – Teleware Re:Call allows you to set a do not disturb function on your business number to help manage work/life balance.
  3. Improves Employee Mobility – Allows employees to remain responsive to maintain the customer experience and work productively from any location while remaining compliant
  4. Remain Compliant – Adhere to GDPR regulations by providing a clear and secure separation of business and personal communications.   
  5. Simplify Expenses – Simplify expense management, with the organisation paying for the Re:Call App and the employees paying for the mobile contract. 
  6. Secure and Safe – Collaborate safely and securely with instant and group messaging. 
  7. Reduced Admin – No need to change mobile supplier as the app is added to the phone and existing business numbers can be retained. 

Key Features

TeleWare Re:Call allows organisations to empower mobile workers for the modern and evolving workplace. 

  1. Call Recording Options

    If required, inbound and outbound calls and texts from Re:Call, can be captured and recorded to meet regulatory requirements including FCA, Dodd Frank and MiFID II. 

  2. Call Retrieval

    Recordings can be retrieved from a simple interactive web-based portal. 

  3. On-Demand Recording

    Users can make use of on-demand recording functionality enabling them to choose which calls to record. 

  4. Business Number is owned by the Business

    Maintains valuable client information with the number easily reassigned in the event of a mobile being lost, stolen or if an employee should leave the business. 

  5. Security

    Ability to easily disable Re:Call if an employee loses their device. 

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