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Call recording Discontinued Products

Mirra IV

Mirra IV has been discontinued from the NICE product range, however Business Systems continues to provide support on a reasonable endeavours basis and can also provide a range of recommended Call Recording upgrade options to consider.

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Support and Upgrades for Mirra IV

If you are still operating a Mirra IV system, it’s important you are aware that support for this solution is becoming more and more limited as well as data extraction less of a possibility, due to its costly nature.

As an alternative, organisations should consider upgrading their MIrra IV system to popular Call Recording products such as Verint, NICE or Red Box.

If organisations are struggling with a number of different legacy call recording systems such as Mirra IV, and would like to consolidate their voice recording data then they should also consider our powerful data consolidation portal – Wordwatch. Wordwatch has been uniquely designed to extract legacy call recordings and unify voice landscapes.

Call recording

Mirra IV Overview

All-in-one compact digital radio and telephone Call Recording solution which offers 4-48 channels of recording with 50,000 hours of standard on-line storage, records mixed analog, digital, telephony or radio communications. It offers continuous, uninterrupted recording of all telephone and radio communications. 

As well as public safety organisations it can be used in small airports, taxi and bus companies, estate agencies, health care centres, legal and military organisations, small broker and trading companies and in radio dispatch organisations.

Key features of Mirra IV include easy to use secure browser-based access, intuitive graphical user interface, in-built real time database which captures call details, unprecedented online storage and multiple levels of security available for specific functions. 

Call Recording Technology

Why Choose Business Systems?

Business Systems offers an independent and impartial approach to delivering Call Recording solutions. We partner with leading technology manufacturers such as NICE, Red Box, Calabrio and Verint. 

  1. Largest and most experienced team of Call Recording engineers in the UK
  2. 24-hour service facility with a 365-day support capability
  3. Ability to deliver Call Recording solutions globally with global support
  4. Independent approach allows us to recommend the best fit Call Recording solution for customers requirements 
  5. Over 30 years worth of experience in implementing and supporting Call Recording products 
  6. Partnerships with leading Call Recording manufacturers including NICE, Red Box and Verint
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