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Using voice technology to go the extra mile

7 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 17, 2014
Category Call Recording Technology

[Last Updated: August 2016]

As with any other sector, travel & transport is a competitive industry and companies can choose to compete on price, offering the best package deals and rates or on customer service to help differentiate their offering. Those companies that carry out both are more likely to achieve success leading to repeat bookings, loyal customer recommendations and great reviews.
Organisations like Eurotunnel understand this and apply voice recording and agent coaching tools such as quality monitoring to help deal with complex customer enquiries and learn from them using multi-skilled and multi-lingual agents.

Here, we outline a short breakdown of how voice recording and quality monitoring technology can benefit your organisation in delivering tangible business results.

Enhanced agent performance for successful bookings

Being able to identify the calls and characteristics of the recordings which result in a successful holiday or travel booking and speedy customer resolution is great information to have at your fingertips. Similarly being able to isolate the calls which resulted in a disastrous holiday or travel booking and an extremely dissatisfied customer is also vital. Where voice recording is used alongside quality monitoring technology, calls can be tagged with notes added to help easily pinpoint the calls worth listening to for targeted agent training. Done well, this can lead to better conversion rates of bookings in the reservations department as well as improving overall call handling time.

By implementing a voice recording and agent coaching tool, organisations can train and guide agents to drastically improve in these areas and not only avoid damaging complaints filtering through onto social channels but turn detractors into promoters.

Effectively handle customer complaints and reduce your risk

In an industry where hundreds of disputes and misunderstandings arise, directly impacting customer satisfaction, the recording of calls can help resolve disagreements and safeguard against false compensation demands, potentially saving your business thousands of pounds. Where one small mistake such as booking the wrong flight or wrong hotel could amount to a holiday nightmare, the importance of having a customer voice recording to listen back to for resolving disputes becomes essential.

Effective KPI monitoring for seasonal trends

The travel & transport industry experiences a general spike in the amount of holiday bookings being made online and offline during seasonal periods such as Christmas or summer holidays. During these busy times it is important that organisations are well prepared for the influx of inbound calls and communications coming through and having staff trained and ready to handle anything during these hectic periods is critical. This is where ensuring you are monitoring key performance indicators, in order to enable tracking of individual, team or corporate objectives comes in handy.

Voice recording technology can be used alongside visual performance dashboards, enabling the monitoring of KPI’s such as number of travel bookings processed per day, per agent for instance. The use of dashboard technology alongside voice recordings ensure you keep on top of targets using tangible evidence of what works and what needs to be improved during your next seasonal spike.

Demonstrating PCI DSS Compliance

There are many regulatory issues facing the travel & transport industry today including compliance to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, in order to protect your customers, avoid card fraud and eliminate risk of organisational fines. With many card transactions being made in this industry ranging from accommodation bookings, flights, travel insurance and much more, complying with PCI regulations becomes vital in protecting your customers against card fraud and eliminating risk of non-compliance fines.

With the right voice recording system, you can effectively ensure your organisation is PCI compliant, ensuring card holder details are not recorded or stored on any voice recordings or agent desktops.

If your organisation is committed to making customer service a differentiator and seeks repeat bookings and all star reviews, then talk to Business Systems about how voice technology can help you travel leaps and bounds.