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How to reshape CX in 2024

5 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 28, 2023
Category Contact Centre Optimisation

Ever-evolving technology and customer expectations are driving rapid transformation within the contact centre industry. As we step into the new year, it’s crucial for organisations to stay ahead of the curve. Here’s how to reshape your CX in 2024:

1. Digital Conversations: Redefining Customer Engagement

Disjointed and inconsistent experiences across channels is one of the biggest drivers of dissatisfaction among UK consumers. 

Customers expect seamless and engaging interactions across various channels. The key to success is to invest in digital conversation capabilities, such as building advanced digital assistants with large language models. To meet the growing demand for cohesive customer engagement, crafting intuitive and personalised conversational experiences is essential. 

digital trends shaping CX: a banner displaying a statistic - 94% of uk consumers are frustrated by disjointed encounters with organisations.

2. Messaging as a Primary Service Channel

While many organisations use SMS for one-way communication, the full potential of messaging as a two-way service method remains largely untapped. Given the popularity of messaging as a communication channel, it can act as a powerful two-way service method. Leveraging SMS for proactive support and real-time feedback enhances customer engagement. The advantages of asynchronous communication and a user-friendly interface make messaging a compelling choice over traditional phone calls. 

3. Prioritising Seamless Experiences Over Pursuit of Omnichannel

While omnichannel access is important, the focus should be on simplifying customer journeys. Providing support across every channel is not always feasible or efficient, nor does it always improve the customer experience. Understanding customer preferences and streamlining interactions across preferred channels ensures a consistent and personalised experience. This might involve consolidating or reducing channel offerings to prioritise efficiency. 

4. Increased Personalisation: Tailoring Experiences to Individual Needs

Personalisation is a key driver of customer satisfaction and loyalty. By leveraging customer data and insights, organisations can deliver personalised product offerings, service recommendations, and communication tailored to individual preferences. This level of personalisation fosters deeper customer relationships and encourages repeat business. 

digital trends shaping CX: a banner displaying a statistic - 78% of UK consumers express an intention to repurchase and recommend organisations that deliver personalised experiences.

5. Uncovering Customer Insights with Interaction Analytics

The combination of large language models and natural language interfaces is revolutionising the way organisations analyse customer interactions. Businesses can now gain deeper insights into customer needs, pain points, and preferences by harnessing these technologies alongside existing data sources. 

6. Advanced Machine Learning for Forecasting and Scheduling

Traditional workforce management tools struggle to keep up with the dynamic nature of customer demand and agent availability. Advanced machine learning and predictive analytics can be used to forecast demand, optimise scheduling, and adapt to real-time changes. This proactive approach enables organisations to efficiently manage their workforce and ensure optimal service delivery. 

7. Generative AI Powers RPA Revolution

While Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been effective in automating repetitive tasks, the introduction of Generative AI opens new possibilities. By combining Generative AI with RPA, organisations can automate a broader range of tasks and processes, leading to improved efficiency, accuracy, and overall quality. 

Banner promoting an related infographic entitled: key digital trends in the contact centre for 2024.

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