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Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording

8 Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording Must-Haves

10 min read Download White Paper
Author Business Systems UK
Category Call Recording

If your firm uses Microsoft Teams or has started investigating how to deploy it across the Enterprise, it’s important to ensure you have the right technology in place to record these communications.

If you’re struggling or currently investigating a way to record Microsoft Teams and all of your trade-related communications (including multi-channel communications such as voice, chat and video), then this e-book is for you.

This guide covers the following topic/themes:

  • Must have #1: Enable compliance to all applicable regulations
  • Must have #2: One solution for all compliance recording
  • Must have #3: Capture techniques
  • Must have #4: Highest levels of resiliency
  • Must have #5: Scalability to adapt
  • Must have #6: Mifid II
  • Must have #7: Compliance assurance
  • Must have #8: Trade reconstruction
  • Must have #9: Security approach
  • Must have #10: Vendor with experience

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