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Unlock even more Value from your Voice Data

6 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Jun 6, 2023
Category Wordwatch
Unlock even more Value from your Voice Data The latest Wordwatch 7 Enhancements title image

The Latest Wordwatch 7 Enhancements 

Are you ready to take the management of your voice data to the next level, perhaps even the cloud? We certainly are! Our product and development teams are thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements to our flagship solution, Wordwatch 7 – enabling a single pane of glass view for live and legacy call recordings, regardless of codec or vendor. 

For more than 30 years, Wordwatch has been helping our clients to address the most common challenge within compliance and IT, management of voice records, and is now currently processing in excess of 5bn records globally.  

The legacy of our experience, the proximity in which our experts work with our clients and the billions of records Wordwatch manages has been a brilliant foundation for us to understand and enhance the data management ecosystem, how it has evolved and where it is going. We’re not just solving compliance challenges today but also tomorrow with future-proofed enhancements which we’re delighted to share. 

Here are the latest enhancements to Wordwatch 7: 

User legal hold. Improve efficiency and ease pressure when under investigation title image

Users can now improve efficiency and ease pressure when the organisation is under investigation: 

  • Users have the ability to apply static and dynamic legislative holds to users under investigation 
  • Users can apply the holds to all calls, past calls, future calls, or a specific set of calls, indefinitely or for a defined retention period. 
Architecture upgrade. 
We’ve introduced a new database and a number of additional services to independently process data  title image.

2. Wordwatch Architecture update 

We’ve introduced a new database and a number of additional services to independently process data 

  • This improves scalability allowing Wordwatch to meet very high scale call volumes  
  • We have also introduced a new single page application and web server to streamline the user experience and improve efficiency when managing voice data. 
Deployment flexibility title image. The flexibility to choose between on-prem, public & private cloud, as well as hybrid deployment options

3. Deployment Flexibility 

Our clients have the flexibility to choose between traditional ‘On-Prem’ environments, public and private cloud services, as well as hybrid solutions.  

  • This flexibility allows customers to choose the best deployment to meet their resiliency and availability requirements and the support and security profile for their Wordwatch service and the data it holds. 
Audio Transcription title image. Transcripts can be exported in-bulk to a networked destination, such as text analytics or surveillance.

4. Transcription  

Organisations and users can use Wordwatch to gain unparalleled insight into the contents of their audio recordings: 

  • Call data can be sent to a transcription service to return an accurate, diarised transcript  
  • Transcripts can be exported and sent to communications surveillance or a network destination such as text analytics 
Varied audio formats title image. Search and replay of all types of calls with option for compliance hold on vox calls.

5. Enhanced support for increased number of audio formats 

We’ve enhanced the number of audio record types that are supported in Wordwatch which means: 

  • Users can perform search and replay of all types of calls (Default, CDR\Vox & Vox) 
  • Users can place compliance hold on Vox calls 
time zone upgrade title text. maintaining the original timestamp of bulk extracted files with time zone offset with enhance user interface.

6. Time-zone handling upgrade 

We’ve improved management of international teams by providing search functionality in time-zones: 

  • Users will see maintenance of the original timestamp of bulk extracted files, with time zone offset 
  • Users can search as if working in other Geo-locations 
  • Users will see a more user friendly UI when using our date/time picker 

Wordwatch 7 is reimagining a new way for compliance and IT departments within financial institutions and contact centres to navigate and work in a world where they hold so much voice data. A way which enables organizations like yours to intuitively consume and act on voice data with less effort, further flexibility and even more precision. 

Contact our compliance transformation experts to discuss our newest capabilities.

View & Download title image for infographic about Wordwatch 7 Enhancements