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5 things you should know about Teleopti Workforce Management

5 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Oct 16, 2014
Category Workforce Management

Teleopti have specialised in selling workforce management (WFM) technology for over 20 years and have come a long way since those early start up days in Sweden. With a strong global footprint the company continues to grow its UK customer base – we wanted to find out what’s driving this growth.

1. Teleopti focus solely on what they do best – Workforce Management

There are number of bigger manufacturers out there who focus on producing multiple technology solutions, whereas Teleopti’s main priority is Workforce Management. This translates into a really well-thought out product, which closely aligns with the needs of its customer base. Customers can see it in the level of functionality the product provides and the thought and effort that has gone into harnessing better employee engagement and efficient workforce planning in the latest product releases.

2. Teleopti understand the importance of lasting relationships

Not just with customers but with partners who resell Teleopti Workforce Management across the globe. The company takes the time to ensure that the ethics and values their partners have are in line with their own. This involves making sure companies like Business Systems have the proper infrastructure and support in place to be able to expertly deploy, install and support the customer on an ongoing basis. It doesn’t just stop with implementation it’s about ensuring customers can get the most out of the product through ongoing consultancy and health checks.

3. Teleopti crowd source and use it to feed into the technology roadmap

Teleopti continue to enhance and develop their workforce management technology by listening to what the customer wants. Hosting regular usergroup and feedback sessions, they keep the Teleopti WFM product, current, relevant and most importantly of all ‘workable’ in a way that fits in with the ever changing dynamics of customer service focussed organisations who need to optimise their workforce planning.

4. Teleopti don’t compete solely on price – ‘quality of service’ is king

You get what you pay for and both Business Systems and Teleopti believe in providing quality after care in any Teleopti WFM deployment. The technology doesn’t magically start delivering ROI and cost savings simply through implementation, it’s what you do with it once it is in place that really counts. Having suppliers who are willing to bounce ideas around with you and help implement them can make a difference on the bottom line

5. Teleopti are agile and willing to flex to meet customer requirements

As a specialist manufacturer of workforce management technology, Teleopti are quicker to react to feedback on product features, specialist integration requirements and customisation of the product to meet the unique needs of customers. They make working with them easy, by being willing to listen, learn and implement if it can benefit the entire customer base.

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