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Aggreko (Service Manager)

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The Challenge

Aggreko had recently purchased a new IT service management tool and acrinax recommended they implement this as a priority to realise fast improvements through better process management and improved automation. The expertise and knowledge Damian showcased immediately caught the attention of Aggreko and they wanted to combine their expertise.

. Over 3000 categories to log tickets

. 50% of tickets logged against 30 categories

. 6,000 service users

. Approximately 80,000 tickets annually

. Over 80% of contacts by email

. Multiple remote Service Desk teams.

About the Customer

Aggreko began their journey in the Netherlands in 1962, providing diesel generators to heat crops and quickly grew to become a globally recognised brand, delivering power, temperature control and energy services to businesses and communities around the world.

Aggreko expanded to the UK in the 1970s and it immediately faced the challenge of providing reliable energy to a country that suffered from an unreliable grid, resulting in frequent blackouts. Being the only company with means to meet the demands, Aggreko grew quickly.

Fast forward 40 years and Aggreko have forged a global reputation for reliability, expertise and mobile, modular equipment. The Scottish-based company handles the world’s largest events and has enjoyed a 30 year partnership with the Olympics, powered the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, many live performances across all continents, delivered a 200 MW power supply to Japan in the wake of a tsunami and supported the relief efforts of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

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The Solution

Aggreko considered their options carefully before deciding on the right technology, engaging with consultants to help them deploy the project correctly and looking for service desk improvement opportunities.

A project was devised to deploy Ivanti Service Manager quickly to deliver maximum benefits as rapidly as possible. Agile day to day operations and long-term strategic objectives enabled Aggreko to transform the Service Desks capabilities into valued business enablers.

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