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What is Real Time Customer Feedback?

Author Business Systems UK
Category Customer Experience

What is Real-Time Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is not a new concept and can be achieved in a variety of ways to find out what users think about a particular organisation, product, service or brand. For in-depth research and studies, companies have used surveys, consumer research and mystery shopping type services in the past.

The problem with these approaches are that they typically only provide insights and feedback days, weeks or even months after an interaction has taken place and not in real time, when a more accurate response is likely to be captured. It may take weeks to collate data, interpret it and then act on it, by which point the moment has been lost to address any pressing issues.

Real-time customer feedback is call centre software technology designed to give power back to the organisation, enabling businesses to ask questions or poll customers across any contact channel they choose (including phone, text, web, email, hand-held devices, kiosks etc) immediately following an interaction with a customer.

Intelligence Leading to Empowerment

Intelligent processing engines are used to provide fast, accurate feedback to people in the business who are then empowered to act on it. Using real-time dashboards, management information can be used to drive improvements and alerts can be created to flag any contentious issues that may require immediate attention.

Feedback can be collected in real-time and organisations can drill down to the ‘why’ and get a real time view of how their customers feel they are doing at that point in time. This approach can also assist with the recovery of dissatisfied customers within minutes to support a business’s customer retention strategies.

The ability to deploy this technology across a number of different customer contact channels ensures that you can ask for the feedback on a channel that best suits the customer and therefore increase the likelihood of them responding.

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