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Contact Centre technology

NICE inContact CXone Automation and AI

Designed to streamline service delivery, NICE inContact CXone Automation and AI, provides fast resolution of customer issues and purges mundane tasks to enhance business outcomes.

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Suppliers of Choice for NICE inContact CXone Automation and AI

Business Systems is a contact centre solutions specialist and NICE inContact’s delivery partner of choice. As one of the first NICE inContact partners in Europe to adopt the platform, our large team of technical experts have over 30 years’ worth of experience in contact centre optimisation and cloud technologies. 

Powerful automation software, which forms part of the functionality included in NICE inContact CXone.  With automatic completion of routine customer interactions, NICE inContact CXone Automation and AI can help your team focus on one of the main business goals – providing an outstanding customer experience by offering a personalised service.

It’s time to stop wasting valuable resource on low-level, low-impacting tasks and using CXone Automation and AI to pick these up, releasing your agents from busy work that puts restraint on innovation and productive efficiency.

NICE inContact CXone

Why Businesses Use NICE inContact CXone Automation and AI

  1. Boost productive efficiency – Make use of CXone Automation and AI to break free from mundane tasks that are more time consuming and damage the customer experience.
  2. Faster Resolution – Customer experience and efficiency can see huge boosts as they can receive answers for their enquiries almost instantaneously, removing the long handle and waiting times customers may experience before an AI engine is installed.
  3. Reduce Customer Service Costs – AI can save your contact centre the cost of hiring enough customer service representatives by handling many service requests without sending them through to a live agent.
  4. Supervisor productivity and effectiveness – Reduce time-consuming supervisory tasks and provide more accurate forecasts using AI-infused forecasting and scheduling to ensure teams are adequately staffed, taking agent preferences into account.
  5. Agent Assistants – CXone AI can listen and interpret conversations to help agents handle interactions more efficiently and effectively.
  6. Combat agent attrition – The NICE inContact CXone Automation and AI solution can help ease stress and improve work-life balance for agents.  Forecasting becomes more accurate meaning agents are less so required to deal with back-to-back interactions all day.

Key Features

With CXone Automation and AI, you’ll be able to automate tasks for speed, efficiency and savings, helping you deliver best in class customer experience. Here are some of the features available within NICE inContact CXone:

  1. Self-Service AI Chatbots

    Remove never-ending voice prompts, blind transfers and reduce service costs by allowing customers to self-solve basic issues like account enquiries, permitting your agents to concentrate their efforts on higher-value interactions.

  2. Real-Time Interaction Guidance

    Enhance customer satisfaction using real-time AI on every call to advise your agents at ‘point-of-service’ on critical behaviours.  CXone Automation and AI provides this guidance in the moment so agents can provide the best customer experience.

  3. Customer Authentication

    Drive better customer experiences and shorter handle agent/IVR interaction times by allowing customers to skip straight to service.

  4. Workforce Intelligence

    Ensure optimal service levels and adapt to unforeseen challenges using CXone Automation by initiating solutions in real-time to boost customer experience regardless of what pops up.

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