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NICE Nexidia Interaction Analytics

Powerful industry leading AI-enabled interaction analytics, NICE Nexidia Interaction Analytics leverages omnichannel, historical and real-time analytics for insights into regulatory compliance, customer journey analysis and more.

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Leading Provider of NICE Nexidia Interaction Analytics 

Business Systems is a top tier provider of Speech Analytics Software, working with NICE to help organisations transform large volumes of recorded customer interactions into intelligence that drives business improvement.  

As one of the first partners to introduce NICE into the UK market, and with one of the largest NICE certified engineering resource bases, our long-standing relationship has ensured customers benefit from seamless integrations, bespoke training sessions and a 24-hour service facility with a 365-day support capability.   

With best-in-class text and speech analysis, NICE Nexidia Interaction Analytics, previously known as Nexidia Speech Analytics, is one of the first tools of its kind to offer a single interface that enables users to organise, analyse and operationalise their data from a single pool of audio, chat, email and text interactions.


Why Businesses Use NICE Nexidia Interaction Analytics 

  1. Customer Journey Analysis – Track and understand the entire customer journey across all multiple touchpoints, with the ability to add context to each interaction. 
  2. Analyse Data – Search, identify and draw conclusions from a single pool of audio, chat, email, social media, and text interactions with one unified interactions analytics platform.  
  3. Correlate Data and Uncover Trends – Look closely into correlations and trends from all data, to uncover root causes and build predictive models to improve agent and customer experiences.  
  4. Performance Measurement – Use 100% of captured interactions for agent evaluations and performance measurement.
  5. System Flexibility– Commitment to open data standards, which ensures any results from analytics are available for any type of downstream analysis. 
  6. System Scalability – Proprietary technology for turning interactions into usable data which is over 50 times more scalable than other alternatives for speech analytics software.  

Key Features

With NICE Nexidia Interaction Analytics, you’ll benefit from a unified interaction analytics platform, designed for you by one of the largest analytics players in the market, to improve business operations, processes, compliance and the customer journey. 

  1. Caller Intent Dashboards

    Ability to display trending topics to initiate further analysis.

  2. Word Clouds

    Highly configurable word clouds, which include filters for sentiment, phrase length or speaker. 

  3. Enhanced Sentiment Analysis

    Ability to sort calls based on positive or negative sentiment, with the ability to view trends with visual displays. 

  4. Related Phrases

    Shows relationships between topics within all customer interactions, providing context for further root cause analysis.

  5. Call Categorisation

    Ability to identify the most relevant topics based on predefined user requirements.  

  6. Deep Learning Neural Networks

    One of the only interaction analytics solutions that uses Deep Learning neural networks, allowing the analytics algorithm to deliver the highest accuracy against real-world conversational audio, producing word-level audio transcription, a phonetic index, and customer sentiment scores.

  7. Nexidia Scan & Agent Assist

    Complementary feature which triggers agent and supervisor alerts, based on configurable events and alerts agent desktops with relevant information. 

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