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Verint Speech Analytics

Unlock the goldmine of intelligence in your voice recordings with Verint Speech Analytics to transform contact centre performance.

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Specialist Supplier of Verint Speech Analytics

Business Systems is a top tier provider of Verint Speech Analytics software, where our longstanding partnership with Verint helps ensure our customers unlock the valuable data contained in their customer  interactions, uncovering insights around customer satisfaction and churn, competitive intelligence, compliance adherence, service issues, agent performance and campaign effectiveness. 

With Verint Speech Analytics, customers are able to analyse 100% of their call recordings, in order to make sense of every customer interaction and align customer service with customer expectations. 

Verint call recording

Why Businesses Use Verint Speech Analytics 

  1. Understand Meanings and Context Gain a deeper understanding of the meaning and context used in  customer interactions. 
  2. Take Action to Improve CX – Gain a deeper insight into customer journeys and their wants and needs, to be able to take targeted action quickly. 
  3. Performance Measurement – Use 100% of captured interactions for agent evaluations and performance measurement, gaining insight into call handling efficiency and accountability. 
  4. Reveal Process Improvements – Reveal where process bottlenecks, points of failure and technology obstacles appear. 
  5. Return on Investment – Accelerate access to insights and realise a return on investment, with a solution designed to facilitate ease of operation and expansion. 
  6. Optimise Customer Engagements – Optimise customer engagement and omnichannel service strategies across assisted and self-service channels. 
  7. Remain Compliant – Process 100% of calls for compliance purposes and provide results within seconds. 

Key Features

With Verint Speech Analytics, you can extract intelligence from all recorded calls and interactions, in order to enhance contact centre performance and improve customer satisfaction. 

  1. Sophisticated Conversational Analytics

    Automatically identify, group and organise words and phrases, spoken during calls, into themes to reveal trends and areas of concern. 

  2. Categorise Calls

    Categorise call content with high accuracy, including accents, dialects and slang and customise to accommodate specialist words such as industry terminology.

  3. Build Categories

    Quickly build categories that reflect customer issues and concerns across thousands of calls to allow for quick responsive action. 

  4. Automatically Build Themes

    Identify themes automatically over time, continually refining them and adding new themes. 

  5. Extract Transcripts

    Easily extract and share call transcripts to enhance big data and predictive initiatives. 

  6. Speaker Separation

    Software based speaker separation allowing users to  understand who said what, even in mono recording environments. 

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