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8 emerging customer experience (CX) challenges in 2023

Emerging customer experience (CX) challenges in 2023

5 min read

The customer experience (CX) landscape is constantly changing. 

New competition, new technology and rising expectations from both clients and employees means the CX journey presents high-risk challenges, but also high-growth opportunities for organisations. 

If organisations get it right, they can recruit an army of external and internal brand ambassadors. If organisations get it wrong, the stories of bad customer service and disappointing products can ravage their way through social media networks, damaging a brand’s reputation in a matter of hours. 

Paying attention to challenges and trends within the industry is critical to keeping on top of the curve. 

After meeting with and listening to more than 25 companies, we uncovered 8 key CX challenges organisations are experiencing within their contact centre. 

Here’s a taster of the top 3 trends organisations have carried with them into 2023 as voted for by our audience: 

1. Moving to digital and self-serve customer channels

Customers are moving to digital and self-service channels at an accelerated pace. Offering more self-serve options including chatbots, provided they meet the individual customers’ needs and expectations can help save on customer service costs.

However, pressure on costs should be balanced with the level of service desired. Complex enquiries or where sensitive emotional support is needed means voice interactions are a preferred method of contact.

2. Limited or no information on ‘why’ customers are making contact

Having little or no insight into customer intent and why customers are contacting can lead to issues such as customer frustration, repeat contact handling and employee burnout. 

Legacy systems can limit the level of information derived from customer intent. While many organisations, particularly within the contact centre space, collect data around customer interactions, many struggle to interpret this data to derive actionable insights that may inform customer intent.

3. A requirement for a single source of information for agents and customers alike

The requirement for an accurate and single source of data or knowledge point when dealing with customer interactions is key. If agents are unable to segment customer data, all customers and queries are treated the same. This limits the opportunity for agents to cross-sell, up-sell and spend time on those valuable customer interactions.

Is your customer experience (CX) strategy the best it can be?

As consumer expectations grow, organisations need to consistently refine their CX strategy. This starts with keeping on top of emerging customer experience trends. 

Explore all 8 emerging CX trends in detail, what they mean for your organisation and how to plan for them accordingly, by downloading our free guide today.

8 emerging customer experience (CX) challenges for 2023